Neu Water products are a range of products which offer a ‘Clear Alternative’ to all other ‘energy/protein/sports drinks’. Neu Water products are clear, colourless, with a subtle ‘hint’ of natural flavour and a bundle of nutritional supplements which are believed to enhance your exercise performance, endurance and aid recovery.


A bespoke product Neu Water C has previously been certified under the “Informed Sport” global quality assurance program for nutrition products. This bespoke variant will only be available by specific bulk order agreement.

Other variants of Neu Water products have been tested as ‘custom screen’ samples for WADA banned substances.


Neu Water products have been analysed for their nutritional content, to certify that what we say is in the product, is actually in the product.

These analysis results show that Neu Water products have <0.1g of sugar and salt per bottle. The electrolytes and minerals levels present in the Neu Water ‘+’ and ‘S’ products fulfil the Daily Reference Intake requirements for an average adult.


Neu Water products are suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians and Coeliacs.


Neu Water products are allergen free.